Simply Plural 1.6

by Amaryllis


We are extremely excited to announce the release of Simply Plural 1.6. This new version doesn't only come with a bunch of new features, quality of life upgrades and improvements, but also with a web version of the app!

One major feature that is included in 1.6 is the ability to generate user reports, including your members, their custom fields, your custom fronts and your front history! The generated user reports will be emailed to you and any other people you'd like to receive it. This is especially handy if you have friends who don't have the app, but you still want them to see who your members are. You can also use it to email a list of your front history to your therapist/doctors.

In addition to that, we're soon going to make public the source code to our cloud, so developers can make third-party extensions with Simply Plural. This will include the ability for users to create Tokens within the app to integrate their account with potential third-party applications.

On top of that, the app now has a dashboard for a quick-access board to get to all your favorite app features. You can now also select which page the app should start on!



You can find the web-version of the app here:

One note; The web-version of the app may still show some issues that are not present in the app-version of Simply Plural. We are actively working on fixing all bugs on the web-version.